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Weather seals/weatherstripping 

with a large variety of weatherstripping and seals in stock for all door types, Thompson's Garage Door and Openers company offers a complete line of energy saving products to help you seal up those drafts that steal expensive energy from your home or facility.

Universal SmartPhone Garage Controller ​- Enables smartphone control for most major brands of garage door openers.  Allows you to open, close, and monitor your garage door from anywhere in the world. 
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Garage Door Opener Accessories

New MyQ Control Panel - provides a complete upgrade for a Liftmaster garage door opener manufactured since 1998 to the new MyQ systems for a minimal cost!  Replaces the existing control panel.  Simple programming of new MyQ accessories, remote controls, and keyless entry products.  Features motion-activated opener light control, adjustable light timer option, lock feature, and Timer-To-Close.  Click here for more information!  

New Internet Gateway - utilizing a two way communication system this is a revolutionary accessory featuring MyQ enabled technology.  Using your smartphone, tablet, or computer, you can open and close your garage door, or turn on or off your lights in or around your home from anywhere in the world! Click here for more information on this amazing device! 

Smart Control Panel -  This control panel is smart enough to sense when you enter the garage and then turn the operator lights on automatically – hands free.  The screen alternates between time and inside garage temperature, and bottom scroll messages displays garage door diagnostics.

Remote Light Control - Exclusively for use with the Residential Jackshaft Opener, model 3800.  Works just like the light on a traditional garage door opener but can be placed on the ceiling anywhere in your garage that you would like more light.

 Laser Parking Accessory - This innovative new accessory is designed to help you park in the right spot, every time.  The laser turns on automatically and projects a beam onto your cars dashboard so you know when to stop every time!  Works automatically - a pulsating beam turns on for 90 seconds, the car pulls in until the red dot hits a pre-targetted spot on the dash letting you know exactly where to stop.  

3-Door Multi Function Control Panel - Control three garage doors with just one panel. This control gives you a neat and compact apperance.  Turns opener lights on and off from inside the garage!