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If there’s one thing we’ve learned about the weather in Southern Minnesota, we know how important it is to have a commercial garage door that can withstand the elements. Learn more about the commercial garage doors available at Thompson’s Garage Door & Openers — along with the services we can provide to help repair or replace your commercial garage doors!


Gates and garage doors are obviously not very recent inventions. Gates have been around as long as houses or even huts have existed, and garage door-like gates have existed since the early 1900s. But obviously in the current era, modern conveniences and inventions have come along that have utilized modern technology to optimize the operation and function of both gates and garage doors. One of the most effective and consistently used of these modern inventions has been the garage or gate opener. Utilizing the power of electrical devices and basic engineering, we have been able to implement...


We have all been there before. Whether it's a microwave that has shorted out on us a number of times, a TV that won’t turn on unless it is plugged in just right, or a lawn mower that simply won’t start, we run into issues with all types of home appliances in our day today. It could be recurring issues that make the odds of the appliance working when you need it to be 50/50, a massive issue that more or less makes the appliance obsolete, or even just some specific finagling you need to do in order to get the appliance functioning. Whatever the specific case may be, we all have appliances...


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