Commercial/Industrial Garage Doors

Whether it’s your own small business location that’s been in the family for decades (like Thompson’s Garage Doors and Openers), or an important storage location for your farm tools and equipment, an effective commercial garage door is a critical component to effective operation. It needs to be as durable as it is efficient, to withstand the elements and the rougher and tougher conditions. It could be a simple bump from your tractor wheel or more general wear and tear that comes with operating a business; whatever your commercial or farm garage door may face, you need to be able to trust its durability and functionality at all times.

Luckily, our team at Thompson’s Garage Doors and Openers is here to help. Our team has been providing service, maintenance, and installation all over the Southern Minnesota area for almost 30 years, on all types of commercial and residential garage doors. We have a wide selection of high-end commercial garage doors and industrial garage doors, safety-tested and with an incredible high amount of durability. Keep reading to learn more about our commercial and industrial garage door services, and how our team can help you.

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Repair and Maintenance

Your commercial or industrial garage door serves a critical purpose for your business and it’s operation. It could be safely storing valuable equipment from potential thieves, it could be keeping your tools protected from the elements, or it could be sealing away food and perishable from pesky critters. Whatever the reason may be, you need your commercial garage door functioning and reliable. And when it’s neither of those things, you need to call in a professional to fix that. Luckily our team has extensive experience with a variety of commercial and industrial garage door types.

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  • Service and repair all types of industrial and commercial garage doors and openers

  • Preventative maintenance — oil and adjust your door and opener, check spring tension, frayed cables, roller wear, loose hinges or bolts, etc.

  • Worm gear kits for your opener

  • Repair or replace broken springs, cables, rollers, etc.

  • Install extension to Torsion Spring switch-over

  • Replace lost, old, or stolen remotes

  • Replace old, broken, or non-insulated doors for new, ​high-end insulated garage doors

  • Replace or repair door sections

  • All types of seal replacement

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Replacement and Installation

Like any good business owner or farm operator, adapting to change and implementing new products and strategies is part and parcel of success. An important aspect of that is when to invest in new parts and new products, and what they can offer you. With a commercial or industrial garage door, letting it go beyond repair is rarely an option, and new models (like the ones we offer from Thompson’s) offer a level of durability and trustworthienss in quality that an older and weathered model simply can’t offer. Thompson’s Garage Doors and Openers boasts an impressive selection of performance and safety-tested commercial and industrial garage door options, from industrial overhead doors to rolling-steel garage doors. Keep reading to see the brands we offer, and how our team can help provide them to you



We are proud to be an Authorized 5-Star Dealer of C.H.I. Doors. We buy directly and are able to provide warranties on their products. Made and manufactured in Arthur, Illinois, C.H.I. offers a collection of industrial-grade garage door systems. This includes insulated and uninsulated commercial upward acting doors, that can be tailor fitted to your exact specifications.


North Central

We are proud to be an Authorized Dealer of North Central Garage Doors. We buy directly and are also able to provide warranties on their products. North Central Doors are renowned for their incredible durability lasting strength, especially in the cold Minnesota winters. Find the North Central Door you need at Thompsons, both for commercial and residential purposes.

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Haas Door

We are proud to be an Authorized Dealer of Haas Doors. We buy directly and are also able to provide warranties on their products. Haas Doors are carefully crafted with locally sourced materials, and with eight distinct product lines that cater to a variety of needs, Thompson’s will have the Haas product that fits your business or home

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